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The School of Jrock

For lack of a better name

Ryuichi and Takashi
25 December
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Hey! Wow, I get to start off the mini-bio! Squee!

Hi, I'm "Hayama Ryuichi", and I'm attending Közi and Mana's Correctional Facility in Japan.

What else can I say? I have dark brown eyes, black hair with dyed pink strands, and I'm average hieght (5'3"). I'm attending the school because I stole a car. Also because, at my old school, I got pissed at killed one of my piers, sucking the blood out of his body and then hiding it in the fridge under the apartment complex. Heh. Never thought I would get caught.

The school's much better than going to jail. In fact, it's rather fun at times. I love my classes, as well as most of my teachers. And then there's Camui Gackt, the world's most annoying man who JUST WON'T DIE!! Well, that's about all I can say. Now I'll let Takashi post.


Yeah, I'm "Hattori Takashi". *snickers at Ryuichi's spelling of "peers"* and I'm also attending Közi and Mana's Correctional Facility in Japan. I share a dorm room with Ryuichi, Die and Shinya. hide, Kyo ((No matter how many times I get hit in the head with a rock by him)) and Yoshiki are my idols.

People say I'm happy-go-lucky, flamboyant, and weird...Don't believe them >.>. *chews on pencil* I was sent to the school for mutilating a boys face and breaking and entering...It seemed my supa stealthy ninja skills weren't working that night...*coughs*