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An update from Takashi - The School of Jrock [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ryuichi and Takashi

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An update from Takashi [Jun. 4th, 2005|04:41 pm]
Ryuichi and Takashi
[Feeling |accomplishedaccomplished]

School of Jrock (for lack of a better name)
Track 24 - Is That my FISH?!


Ryuichi was walking down the hall, eyes placed in front of him, fingers tapping on his binders as he listened to the music that was blaring out of his headphones. He was completely oblivious to the world around him as the voice of hide successfully blared out the math that had been jammed into his head the period before.

In other words, the poor thing had no inkling of what would happen to him next.

In less then 5 seconds flat, there was a glaring purple/pink streak and Ryuichi miraculously ended up on the ground. There was a purple haze in his eyes and a Takashi on top of him. The teenager with a new dye job had ran all the way down from hide’s classroom ((Where the pink haired man had given Takashi a new dye)) and had flying tackled Ryuichi. It looked like something out of a comic book, as they were both flung over and Ryuichi landed under Takashi.

“HI RYUICHI!!” Yelled Takashi, still lying on top of Ryuichi and grinning down at him, “How ya doin’?” He saluted him and looked down at him, his purple roots and pink hair glaring brightly against the contrasting school uniform. “Did I ever tell you how much I love you? And how you really shouldn’t hate me because I’m throwing a party in our dorm room tonight?” He said this all really fast before getting up and bolting away in the direction of their dorm room.

“Whaaaaaat?!” Ryuichi made a O_< face before picking himself off the floor and collecting his books. One of these days he was sure he would kill Takashi, that or the ‘boy’ would kill himself in some freak accident. Ryuichi amused himself by thinking up freakish ways about how his friend would die, and he thought spontaneous human combustion would be pretty cool.

*~*Later that night*~*

Die and Kaoru were challenging each other to a drinking contest and hide joined in, convinced that he was going to beat everyone. The three sat around a table and Takashi hopped over, dragging Kyo who had a seriously evil look in his eyes as he glanced at Takashi.

“I wanna join! No no! Let’s play that game with the quarters and the FLICKING!…Hee ^o^” Takashi waved his arms around as he sat down at the table, Ryuichi watching in interest and then rolled his eyes. He knew damn well what happened when Takashi challenged “the big boys” to drinking.

-flip- -flip- -clang- -slurp- -flip- -clang-


“I’m…Too sexy…For my PANTS!” Die was singing to a familiar tune after drinking way too much. Kaoru, hide, Die, Takashi, Kyo and Ryuichi were sitting around a round table on tall stools. Kyo was red faced and quiet, hide was bouncing in his chair and grinning, Die was singing… horribly, and Kaoru was red faced and swaying slightly. Ryuichi was disgustingly good at the game they were playing and whenever he got his coin into his drink he chose to make Takashi drink it. Every. Time.

“Way to drink, Hattori!” Squealed hide, clapping Takashi on the back and almost making the pink/purple haired drunk fall off his stool. It was Ryuichi’s turn again and there was an audible groan from Takashi and an insane laughing from Die as there was a ‘ploonk’ and the coin dropped in Ryuichi’s drink.

“Hmmm. Who should I pick?” Ryuichi faked a thoughtful look and then brightened. “I know! How about TAKASHI!?” Takashi sighed and downed the glass, blinking slowly and trying to clear his eyesight. They had been drinking for some time now and Kaoru finally called it quits, stumbling off his chair and falling onto the couch. It was Takashi’s turn and he placed the coin on his forehead, he watched it roll down his forehead and clang off the side of his glass. He groaned again and drained the glass.

*~*Laterer in the night!*~*

“Catch a tiger by the toe, if he hollers let ‘im go…My mother said to pick the very best one and---HEY! TAKASHI!” Ryuichi pointed at Takashi for the billionth time and Die was now crying with laughter. Takashi made a T_T face as he drank the burning liquid and glanced at Kyo. The room was spinning for Takashi and a warm feeling passed over him, his eye sight was blurry and when he set eyes on Kyo, the blond looked like a very attractive man to the drunk Takashi. Takashi put his elbow on the table and looked at Kyo through half-lidded eyes.

“Would you get him to stop looking at me like that? That’s just fxxing creepy,” The blond said, his speech slightly impeeded as he shot a look over at the very, very, very drunk Takashi, who was still giving him a look.

“Yoooour... pletty cute” Takashi slurred, swaying on his stool and leaning closer to Kyo. “Give mama Takashi a keeess.” Kyo was horrified. Die had fallen of his stool because he was laughing so hard and hide was looking on in interest. A flying rock later…


“^^” hide decided he made a good chair as Takashi fell to the ground and did a face plant. “Ne, Hattori, you’re fat…” –poke poke- hide made it a point to sit on the unconscious Takashi while poking him with a curious look on his face. “Oi! Hayama! Isn’t Takashi FAT?! O_O” Ryuichi went over and sat on Takashi’s butt while poking him in the ribs.

“Yes! Fat! –poke poke- Looks like someone had too much of the Sunday Special, eh, Taka? >.>” Responded Ryuichi, grinning like a maniac whilst still poking Takashi.

*~*Latererer that night!!*~*

hide had drank more and had gotten into a huge fight with Yoshiki and was now passed out in the bathroom, Toshiya had wheeled Kaoru away to tuck him into bed, Shinya sat and watched unapprovingly as Die snored on the couch, Ryuichi, quite pleased with himself had gone to bed and Takashi? Well…He was passed out by the toilet after having drank more, also and having to run to the toilet to throw up. hide had been going to fetch Takashi to make him drink more before he passed out beside the purple/pink haired boy. And the other guests? Well, the other smashed guests had made it safely back to their dorm rooms.

*~* In the morning*~*

“hide? Takashi?” Ryuichi had padded into the bathroom and saw that the ‘men’ were still passed out on the tile of the bathroom. Ryuichi found that Takashi hadn’t made it quite to the toilet and made and ‘ew’ sound before looking fondly at the other lime-green pink haired man, who was clutching onto Takashi’s leg and drooling. hide was murmuring something in his sleep about girls, school, Yoshiki and…Electric cucumbers?

“hide? Takashi?” Ryuichi said, quietly at first and nudging his friend with a socked foot. “Hey, Takashi…hide? Wake up....” Ryuichi sighed and padded out of the room to leave them alone. He flopped on his bed and sighed, remembering last night fondly as his friend had danced around and sang, joined by a very enthusiastic Die and hide. Shinya had sat there the whole night sipping on his drink and surveying the scene, occasionally looking at the three very drunk men and sighing. Ryuichi smiled slightly, hoping that hide didn’t remember Takashi drinking with him so much, or else the poor boy would be getting a lot more visits from hide and a lot more hangovers. He had a
vision suddenly of hide showing up at their dorm room, grinning from ear to ear with an armful of alcohol. Ryuichi chuckled at the thoughts and grimaced suddenly as the announcements for breakfast clicked on.

“It has come to my attention that there was a PARTY last night. I’m sure there was DRINKING. And I’m sure SOME of you are having quite a rude AWAKENING for your awful HEADACHES.” Kozi’s voice came over the intercom. The man, Ryuichi thought, was turning out to be quite a sadistic human being. There came a groan from the bathroom and hide walked out, prodding a very tired looking Takashi in the back.

“Lookit Hattori!” hide grinned, “One hell of a night for drinking, ne? Lot’s of fun.” hide nodded enthusiastically before rubbing his head, “A bit of a headache, though, “He added as an after thought, his bright face going slack for a moment. “Oh well!” hide bounced off towards the door. “Better go apologize to Yoshiki, though…I don’t quite remember what happened, but, I think me an’ him got into a fight for some reason…” And thoughtful look invaded his face as he puffed out his lips and tapped his chin in an over exaggerated gesture before grinning again and walking out the door.

“Ohayou!” Greeted Ryuichi, who couldn’t keep a grin from plastering itself across his face when he looked at Takashi.

“What’s so good about it?” Snarled the normally happy-go-lucky youth and flipped Ryuichi the finger. He fingered the P.A system, too and growled louder, flopping on his bed, grabbing his beanie and pulling it far over his head, muttering curses under his breath before his breathe evened out and he was sleeping once more.

“What the hell was that?” Die looked over at Takashi with a thoughtful expression. He was nursing a glass of orange juice in his hand and lying on the couch lazily.

“I don’t know. But, if he does it again I’m gunna kill him.” Remarked Ryuichi smoothly, lying back down on his bed and shooting the sleeping hung over ‘boy’ a glare.

*~*Later that day*~*

Ryuichi was walking along when he peeked outside to the smoke pit and saw Kaoru, Die, hide, Kyo, Toshiya and Takashi out having a smoke. Ryuichi poked his head out and finally stepped out, skipping over and plopping himself on a bench beside Takashi. Takashi lit up a smoke and puffed out his lips as he looked at Ryuichi boredly. “Wanna drag?” He said lazily as he held the smoke out between his two fingers for Ryuichi. The other boy looked at it with disgust.

“I’m not going to poison my lungs, thanks!” He crossed his arms and shook his head. Kyo glanced at Ryuichi and rolled his eyes, looking pointedly at him and taking an exxxtra long take on his cigarette. After he was done his smoke, Takashi looked at Ryuichi, slowly reaching into his pocket and pulling out a cylindrical object. He shook it around and Ryuichi glared at it before realizing what it was and starting to yell at Takashi.

“What?! Now your CHEWING!? Smoking, drinking. Takashi!” Ryuichi actually didn’t care, after all, it was Takashi’s body. Ryuichi left the smoke pit and Takashi popped open the chew can and pulled out a gummy bear. “What’s his problem?” He asked innocently.

*~*After lunch*~*

Kyo and Die were crowded around a computer screen, looking for a new CD to add to Kyo’s huge CD collection.

“There it is, but…It’s in English.” Kyo vaguely wondered why it would be on
an English site but instead clicked on a random link, which brought them to another page. “Look! Look! It’s our name!” Kyo pointed to a link that said “Dir en grey”. Kyo clicked on it and it brought them to another English page. “Look it…says something about fan….I think..” Kyo squinted at the writing, as if that would make it magically turn into Japanese.

“Fan subs?” Die asked hopefully, tapping the screen as an instruction for Kyo to click it. It brought them to another screen that gave them the opportunity to choose between English or Japanese. Kyo clicked on Japanese and read it allowed before pausing and looking at Die. Die looked back at him and they both looked at the computer screen. “Is this a story about…us?” Die asked, staring at the computer screen with wide-eyes. Kyo’s eyes were still traveling down the page and his contacted eyes grew big, too, before he opened his mouth and almost squeaked.


*~*End Chapter 24*~*

Ryuichi: Now all we need is for Takashi to... say stuff!