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And here's to getting caught up with the present chapters. On some… - The School of Jrock [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ryuichi and Takashi

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[Feb. 5th, 2005|05:34 pm]
Ryuichi and Takashi
[Feeling |soresore]
[Crying to |Phantom of the Opera - Angel of Music]

And here's to getting caught up with the present chapters. On some chapters, the website they were uploaded to changed all of the "s and 's to ?s, which is extremely annoying. Please ignore those until we go in and fix those manually.

Track Two

Track Three. Firefly's Light

Track Four. The Field Trip... OF DOOM

Track Five. Waver

Track Six. Christmas Time is Here!

Track Seven. Rocket Dive Part One

Track Eight. Someone Knows

Track Nine. Sing a Song!

Track Ten. Mana Gets a Little Suprise

Track Eleven. Ryuichi's Weekend Detention

Track Twelve. A Bad Time was Had by All

Track Thirteen. SexEd at the Facility

Track Fourteen. Duel Bishounen? What the #*^*?!?!

Track Fifteen. Happy (belated) Friday the Thirteenth

Track Sixteen. A Party and Some Tears

Track Seventeen. Evil Dolls... I'm going crazy!!

Track Eighteen. Butterfly's Sleep (a crossover chapter)

Track Nineteen. I'll Make a Man Out of You (longest chapter so far)

Track Twenty. An Author Interview?!

Track Twenty-One. Radio Show Ice Skater from Cloud Nine

Track Twenty-Two. Watcha Gunna Do When They Come for You?

Track Twenty-Three. Dry Your Tears With Love

Well, that's all we have up-to-date currently. School of Jrock has been going on for... about a year and we're proud to be writing this!