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Ryuichi and Takashi

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Yay! It's finally up! [Feb. 5th, 2005|01:38 pm]
Ryuichi and Takashi
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Well, here's to saying this works!! Welcome to Takashi and Ryuichi's special journal of specialness! I'm Ryuichi and... er... yeah! Wh00!

School of Jrock (for lack of a better name)
Chapter One - Welcome to Kozi and Mana’s Correctional Facility for Males

Four boys sat in a cramped office, in front of a large desk. The Headmaster sat in a chair, looking through papers. He had black hair and was clad in mainly red and black. The first boy on the left has light brown hair, that looked like he was caught in a windstorm. The second boy had long, silky brown hair, that reached past his shoulders. The third boy had short black hair with pink streaks; he sat, slumped in his chair, writing things on his arm. The fourth boy had regular short black hair and was chewing on a pencil. The Headmaster slammed his fist down onto his desk. “Welcome to Kozi and Mana’s Correction Facility for Males. I am Headmaster Kozi and this is the lovely Headmistress, Mana.” A beautiful man came out holding a stack of papers, He was clad in a lacey peasants outfit, that outdated this century by at least two-thousand years. He bowed and took a seat next to Kozi. Kozi said the next part monotonously. “I hope you enjoy your stay at this godforsaken nut house.” His left eye twitched. He held up four pieces of paper.

“Here in my hand I have your PERSONAL records. These are the reasons you were SENT here.” He grabbed the first one. “Camui Gackt.” He looked at the boy with the storm hair distastefully. “You we’re sent here because you were a “perverted bisexual horny man-whore” am I correct?” Gackt nodded. He pulled up the next paper. “Terachi Shinya, sent here because... what the fuck?! You grew out your hair?!” Headmaster Kozi gasped in horror. The boy with the long brown hair blushed and looked down at his lap.

The Headmaster then picked up the third paper. He looked at the boy with pink streaks. “Ah yes, Hayama Ryuichi. Sent here for auto theft and sucking the blood of one of your piers and hiding his body in your fridge. ...O_o...” Kozi set the paper down and picked up the last one, and looked at the boy with regular black hair. “Hattori Takashi... mutilation of a boys face and breaking and entering.” Kozi tisked him and shook his head.

He set the papers down. “Now... You four shall be sharing a dorm room, Mana shall show you the way, and he shall also give you your class schedules. You shall be paired off into twos, and shall share all of your classes with the said person. Now, go away.” Kozi glared at them, as they followed Mana out of the room.

He lead them out of the huge office building, past the learning building and into the dorm. He led them up flights of stairs to room 713. Their bags we’re already placed on beds and the room was nice and large. Mana nodded, bowed, and exited.

Gackt was the first to speak. “He’s hot...” Everyone face faulted. Ryuichi sat on his bed, laying down. He was wearing a baggy pair of jeans and a black shirt that read “SPREAD BEAVER”. Takashi was wearing black pants and a Dir en grey Kisou tour shirt. Gackt was barely wearing ANYTHING and Shinya was wearing a simple yellow sundress, complete with bonnet.

A short man entered the room and looked at the four boys. “Welcome blah blah blah. I am Niimura Kyo, your homeroom teacher. You’ll be learning Live Etiquette, aka how to behave on stage. Oh god.. I made a rhyme.” Kyo commented. “Now I have to explain the school ritual crap to you. First of all, your uniforms are in those four bureaus over there, one per person. You HAVE to wear those, or else Kozi will have your ass on a platter. You will get partnered off with one of your “dorm mates” *coughcough* and have to share classes with them, your lunch period so on so forth. Just be glad you don’t have to share beds. Now to pair you off.” He took a look at something scribbled on his hand. “Terachi and Hayama... and Camui and Hattori. Now for your schedules.” He handed one schedule to each pair. “Good luck, my room number is 304, see you tomorrow. Oh and you meet for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in the dinning hall on the first floor.” Kyo left the room and left the teens to their own devices. Gackt winked at Takashi and left to take a shower and Shinya decided to take a nap. Takashi and Ryuichi snuck out onto the balcony.

“I can’t believe that worked!!!” Takashi giggled. Ryuichi bounced up and down.

“Finally, Deiji-san! A nice school... filled with boys!”

“Oh Mai! Shut up! They’ll hear us! Now, let’s get in line for the shower, and we can’t have them knowing we’re girls.” “Ryuichi” and “Takashi” crept back inside and unpacked their bags.

After everyone had taken showers and unpacked, the four boys left for the dinning hall. They all sat together and examined the students and teachers and took a look at their schedules.

Shinya and Ryuichi
Period| Class | Teacher | Room #|

Home/1 - LiveEd - Niimura - 304
2 - Beauty - Matsumoto - 312
3 - Science - Kami - 102
4 - History - Yu~ki - 756
5 - Music - Tarou - 1030
6 - English - Hayashi - 944
7 - Maths - Miyavi - 168

Takashi and Gackt
Period| Class | Teacher | Room #|

Home/1 - LiveEd - Niimura - 304
2 - Beauty - Matsumoto - 312
3 - Music - Kaoru - 102
4 - Science - Kami - 756
5 - History - Yu~ki - 74
6 - English - Hayashi - 944
7 - Maths - Miyavi - 854

Takashi and Ryuichi were happy to have their first two periods together and lunch, as well as maths, though sadly, they would have to spend them with Gackt. But poor Takashi would have to spend his whole day, every day, for the whole year, with Gackt.

The dinner was very nice, and after they had finished it, all four boys went upstairs to turn in for the night. After a nice sleep, an alarm that played “Ever free” woke them up. Gackt insisted on taking another shower before he set off for Niimura-sensei’s class, though the rest thought of it as an excuse NOT to go to Niimura’s class.

They all came back from breakfast to find Gackt still in the shower.

Inside the bureau was a uniform and a backpack. The uniform was the same as every other male uniform in Japan and the backpack was either a shoulder bag or just a regular back pack. Inside the pack was the right amount of pens, pencils, highlighters, notebooks, folders, and paper that was needed, yet the pack was as light as a feather.

Shinya, Takashi and Ryuichi made their way to the school building, to start off their day, leaving Gackt behind. They made it JUST before the bell rang, signaling that you were either late for class, or class itself had started. Room 304 was a large auditorium on the third floor of the 10 story building, 1000 rooms exactly. There was a stage set up, and a chalk board with Kyo’s name written on it. The student’s sat in the cushioned seats and waited for their teacher.

The short, kaxxii man walked in, rather sleepily, mumbling to himself. He stood about 5’4”, had shaggy bleached hair, and was wearing his version of a “suit”. He pointed to his name on the board. “Ohayo gozaimasu, minna.” The class repeated that sentence. Then he called roll. “My name is KYO! Never, ever call me Niimura-sensei, or I’ll strangle you and eat you for dinner. And if you ever find out my real name, use it... and DIE.” The class nodded silently. “Good. We’re going to start off the first day by learning the basics of the stage.”

A half hour had passed and Kyo was still explaining the parts of a stage to the class. They all sat attentive, not daring to fall asleep, since Kyo was known for being a bit deranged sometimes. Finally the bell rang, basically telling the students that they had 10 minutes to run to their next class. Gackt was still nowhere to be seen. The four of them set of for 312, Matsumoto Hideto’s room.

They arrived a bit early, since their classes were very close. The teacher looked rather young to be teaching. He had black hair but it had been dyed pink. He was wearing a black shirt with “SPREAD BEAVER” on it; the very same one Ryuichi was wearing the day before. He sat at his desk, playing with some hair spray. He never noticed the kids enter the room.

When the bell rang, Matsumoto looked up to see a full class (only missing Gackt) right before him. He smiled. “Welcome! I am Matsumoto Hideto, but you can just call me hide!” He smiled. “This is your beautician/hairstyling class. I am going to teach you all how to successfully dye someone's hair. For the first day, I would like a volunteer.” Takashi raised his hand and hide pulled him up to the front of the class. He grabbed the purple hair dye and began explaining it to the class. Ryuichi had heard from someone that hide was one of the funnest teachers and if you didn’t slack, you really enjoyed his class... he’d just have to take the person's advice.

Meanwhile, hide was showing them how they could apply the hairdye, not actually applying it to his hair. Then Gackt stepped in. hide sensed this and dropped the dye on Takashi’s head running up to his desk. He grabbed his gun and began shooting at Gackt. “Get the pervert away!!” He cried, as he kept adding more holes into Gackt’s stomach. In no time... Gackt was dead. hide breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank god that’s over. Oops... Hattori I’m so sorry!” In all the confusion, the dye had dropped onto Takashi’s head and now his hair was purple. Oh well... he liked it. Takashi took her seat next to Ryuichi and hide resumed his lesson.

It only took Headmaster Kozi ten minutes to reach hide’s room and see the bloody mess that once was Camui Gackt. He sighed. “Another one, hide!? Honestly! You can’t shoot every damn pervert that comes into your class!” hide smiled and shrugged, putting the gun back into the desk. “Now I have to clean up another one. AND get a replacement student! Great... just... bloody great..”

*~* End of Chapter one *~*

Well, a bit confusing isn't it? Well get used to it, because we have a long way to go. And yes, me and Takashi are girls, which further adds to your confusion and our enjoyment. Fwahahah

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